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About #LifeHacks

At #LifeHacks, providing knowledge meets expert positioning!

As an employer, you want an engaged, productive and loyal work force. But sometimes, life stressors outside of the workplace present problems that can take time and attention away from your employee’s work day, negatively affecting productivity, contributing to non-illness absenteeism and low morale … not to mention the bottom line.


#LifeHacks Speaker Series offers solutions to complicated, yet all too common, life distractions that occur outside of work, bringing expert speakers into the office to provide your staff with real, practical solutions to real-life problems.


By offering #LifeHacks to help your staff manage problems and stressors outside of the office, you can help foster employee loyalty, increase productivity, morale and employee retention, potentially reducing loss of revenue, non-illness absenteeism and other productivity-vampires!

The #LifeHacks program creates win/win/win situations all around - for your emplyees/audience, because you're providing them with information they need, for the speaker because they are getting in front of their target audience and building trust, and for the host for providing the opportunity!

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