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Meet Lara Heacock


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Lara Heacock is a Leadership Coach and Talent Acquisition consultant on a mission to end burnout and help leaders and business owners bring more kindness into their businesses. Lara is a certified coach, author of Practical Kindness, and co-host of the podcast Doing (good) Business. She is Editor in Chief of popular personal development where she writes a weekly Monday Motivator. Lara’s corporate work can be found at


  • Balance for Busy People

    We all know the negative impacts of stress, but who has time for balance?! You do. In this talk, you'll learn 5 easy ways to find balance in 5 minutes or less. This talk is great for folks who want to reduce stress but don't know where to start. When a 60 minute yoga class is out of the question, these tips provide accessible, repeatable practices to help you restore and maintain balance, no matter how busy you are. 

  • Build Your Professional Confidence

    Confidence isn't something some folks are born with and others lack. From body language to the words you choose, confidence is something you can learn. This talk provides clear, actionable ways to increase your confidence whether you're interviewing for a job, asking for a raise, wanting to speak up in a meeting, or looking to use your voice to share your ideas.

  • Manage Your Inner Critic with Kindness

    Every single person on the planet has an inner critic voice, and the "popular" advice to tell it to buzz off or shut up, actually makes it worse. This interactive talk includes demonstrations with attendees on how to manage their inner critic with kindness using a proven 3 step process. Learn how to go way beyond trying to get rid of the critical voice, and step into a lifelong habit of treating it kindly so that it no longer gets in the way of your goals!

  • How to Hire 101

   What do you do when your business hits the point of needing to add part or full time staff, but you have no idea where to start? Fret no more. This talk demystifies the talent acquisition process and highlights some of the basics of hiring - from where to start looking for folks to what answers to listen for when you're interviewing someone. Tailored to your type of business, some brief info on the audience will be requested before this talk. 

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