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Meet Lorraine Ranalli

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Lorraine Ranalli is a corporate communications professional and published author whose career began as a reporter on Philadelphia’s KYW Newsradio, 1210 WPHT, 6abc Action News, and Fox29, and as a disc jockey on B101 and WMGK.Lorraine bridged her broadcast-to-boardroom experience with development and delivery of soft skills training programs, such as Speaking for Success, Communication Principles, and Business Writing that Works. The confluence of her experiences led to her latest release "Impact: Deliver Effective, Meaningful, and Memorable Presentations" (POPbooks 2018), a pocket guide of more than 200 public speaking tips. In 2009, Lorraine expertly blended faith, family, and fun to pen her cultural narrative "Gravy Wars: South Philly Foods, Feuds & Attytudes" (Folger Ross). A series of vignettes followed, enjoying successful runs as one-act plays before several were combined to form the comedy "La Famiglia," which is gaining popularity among community theaters. A recent foray into podcasting via the show Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe, brings Lorraine’s career full circle. Learn more at


Make an Impact!

Get motivated to share your message before audiences of all sizes. Lorraine Ranalli sums up the benefits of tackling the fear of speaking in public, while providing tangible tips to set you on the right course. Lorraine’s engaging style and practical applications appeal to audiences of all backgrounds. She’ll also tailor her presentation to your audience, addressing your preferred element of the speech process.


Breaking Writer’s Block

Writing is a process. Learn how to hasten the process, especially if email and other business communication bogs you down. BE ODD is Lorraine Ranalli’s method for not only breaking, but also avoiding writer’s block. Procrastinators beware! Whether you write for business or pleasure, this 45-to-60-minute program provides participants with a method keeping the process fluid. 


Growth Through Storytelling

Through your people, processes, and products there are stories to be told that will promote your brand and lead to growth. What is your hesitation? Having been on the receiving end of pitches as a media personality and on the distribution end as a communications director, Lorraine Ranalli will share insights to identifying, developing, and delivering engaging stories. 

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