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Meet Natalie Pantaleo

of Synecticsworld, Inc.


Natalie is a creative problem-solving consultant/facilitator who builds relationships by approaching every task collaboratively. With a rich history in marketing-communications, she’s led departments at Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, DSC Advertising, the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, as well as guided New York’s Hudson Bread and Los Angeles-based Josie Maran Cosmetics. Experienced in the healthcare, finance, retail, education and non-profit industries, Natalie’s background includes strategic planning, development and direction of corporate communications, web/digital development and oversight, video direction and special events management – all delivered through a keen understanding of positioning.She is a published features writer, and has created many meaningful campaigns and subsequent success stories.

Natalie leverages her PhD studies in Industrial/Organizational Psychology for an approach to innovative problem-solving through Synectics® proprietary methodology, assisting her clients in using their own resources to reveal profound solutions and produce aha moments.


I Wish: Problem-Solving Language for Tweens & Teens
What if young people could learn to solve their own issues with friends, family and adults by learning minor language tweaks? They absolutely can and have! Using the Synectics® proprietary method as a guide, Natalie has helped middle-schoolers and others change the dynamics of contentious situations-- and the outcomes-- by changing the language they use.


The Solution Already Exists: Using Metaphorical Thinking for Everyday Problem Solving
We all have a frame of reference that guides our thinking and approach to everyday life tasks. However, when we're exposed to another's frame of reference, our options inevitably widen allowing new possibilities and new solutions. Learn how to re-frame your thinking by inviting new thoughts using the Synectics® proprietary methodology and Body of Knowledge built over 60 years in human dynamics research.


Buy-In: How Your Entire Team Can Contribute to the Solution
Using the Synectics® proprietary methodology and Body of Knowledge built over 60 years in human dynamics research, Natalie illustrates a method for ensuring participation by all members of a team, and therefore increasing the probability of successfully implementing the team's solution.  

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