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Meet Shelton Marchman

of Custom Credit Solutions


Shelton knows what it's like to be discounted by the people around you and to battle financial and personal struggles, feeling left in the dark with no light in sight. The challenges feel insurmountable but they’re not! The "Give Me Credit For Trying" program was born from Shelton’s personal struggles to show that even if you stumble you can get back up, pick back up and push through to achieve great things!

A spellbinding storyteller with a stand-up comedian's timing, Shelton's "Give me Credit For Trying" program has transformed meetings around the country. His high energy presentations feature a perfect blend of humor, inspiration and ideas to turn talented teams into high performing heroes. Shelton is an accomplished serial entrepreneur that has accomplished many of his goals in a short amount of time culminating in recently being nominated for The Delaware Business Times' Top 40 under 40. His "Give me Credit for Trying" podcast and book series are slated to be released in 2019.

Shelton has worked with COLMAR, DuPont, Sallie Mae, CitiGroup, Aggreko, Valeant, Delaware Technical, Delaware State University, Diversified Portfolio, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Zoetis, UMUC.



  • Credit Repair

  • Credit Building

  • Debt Settlement

  • Student Loan Process

  • Student Loan Pay-Off

  • Business Credit

  • Collection Issues

  • Financial Literacy

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