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We are always adding more topics to our roster!  Don't see one that you want?  Feel free to request one that interests you!

Real Estate

  • Get out of the Rent Race — Buying your first home

  • Mortgaging/Refinancing a home 

  • Basic home repair you can (honestly!) do yourself

  • Selling an aging parent’s home 

  • Estate Planning


  • Managing an aging parent’s finances

  • Financial Planning for children with special needs


  • Up your game — Delivering an engaging, dynamic presentation

  • Wow the crowd — become a better public speaker 

  • Does wardrobe really matter and How Casual IS “Casual Friday”? — Professional dressing for the job you want

  • Sales — How to close the deal without being “that annoying salesperson”

  • Is Social Media really important in my career? You bet it is!

  • Building Your Professional Confidence

  • Balance for Busy People 

  • How to Silence Your Inner Critic


  • Buying a car without getting taken for a ride — No, really! 

Children and Teens

  • Paying for college

  • Teen depression is on the rise — signs to look for


  • Nervous about DIY lawyering? — Legal basics everyone should know

  • Divorce 101 … Advocacy and empowerment, for you or someone you know

We also offer #LifeHacks for improving your employee’s confidence and work skills within the workplace!

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